About Us


Rev. Dr. Margaret (Dodie) Sheffield

Pastor Sheffield has been serving churches in Northern Maine and New Hampshire as a member of the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church since 1996.

She is presently serving two area churches and is in Portland on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Our Church Family

Our Core Values

Love: Love is lived out and made real through our relationships with God, one another, and the wider community.

Spirituality: We develop our personal relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship, and study.

Inclusivity: We draw the circle wider to welcome and value every child of God.

Justice: We aspire to become more aware and to work for justice in our community and our world.

Joy: Joy is an essential part of our life together.

Service: Serving one another is at the heart of our faith.

We are presently worshiping on Sundays at 22 Pleasant Avenue at 10:30am.